A taste of domestic leadership with a nose for global business

A taste of domestic leadership with a nose for global business

Founded in 1982 with a mission to meet the needs of the food industry by creating unique and value-added flavours, Aromsa has kept an unwavering focus on the specific demands of each client to have grown to the position of leadership in Turkey. Today, our products, or preferably, creations, are being exported to 40 countries around the globe. Our success within this relatively short period of time lies in our ability to combine flexibility and creativity with a capacity for large-scale orders. The power engine that drives our company forward remains to be the R&D department which caters to the unique needs of clients and keeps Aromsa abreast of new developments.

Yet, another asset beyond our laboratories is the richness of our region in cultural diversity and long history of cuisines as well as the richness of Anatolian flora whose catalog exceeds the total number of species of the European continent. We are happy to be located at this unique flavor base in the world.

Beyond the food industry, Aromsa's present product range extends to beverage, pharmaceutical/oral care, feed, pet food and tobacco sectors.


Your signature is our signature

From the beginning, we have been intent on making our appeal unique as a creative partner with the vision that we could continue to exist only if we were to create signature-tastes and flavours for our clients. This quest to create signatures that you would sign into your products as your own is our signature in this industry.

Client Portfolio And Business Ethics

A secret recipe

Aromsa's portfolio boasts of numerous satisfied clients, both domestic and international, whose identities always remain confidential with us as a matter of business principle. At Aromsa each client remains a unique entity as we always keep their different tastes and smells as well as their business secrets apart. A not-so-secret recipe for success for both parties.
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